New Financial Literacy Course for Coffee Producers Launched

New Financial Literacy Course for Coffee Producers Launched

‘My farm’s finances’ is designed to promote an entrepreneurial vision among coffee producers in Colombia.

With new teaching materials, such as photonovels and stories, applied in virtual and face-to-face activities, this new program presents elements that motivate the coffee farmers to analyse their production results based on their own financial management.

In addition, the course enables producers to make informed decisions about their expenses and to apply different financial actions and strategies taking into account the importance of productivity on their farms.

As the greatest motivation of coffee growers to improve their profits is the well-being of their families, this new program has been designed to involve all members of the household in the management of the coffee business, taking into account the different roles that each one of them assumes.

Pilot of the course underway

The pilot will be implemented over the next few months in various regions of Colombia. Producers from Huila, Quindio, Caldas, Risaralda and Meta will test the course with the support of a local technician.

This initiative was funded by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) and designed by Solidaridad to advance the transformation of the Colombian coffee sector towards sustainability.