Café Africa is currently conducting a National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC) training in Kigoma, Tanzania, until mid-December. The initiative seeks to benefit local coffee farming communities while providing them practical tools to improve their livelihood.

Cafe Africa has been working in partnership with several actors in Tanzania to support establishment of stakeholders’ platforms in the coffee sector. The platform coordinated national coffee stakeholders’ activities including the harmonization of extension materials into the National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC), supported by the Global Coffee Platform and under the leadership of the Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB). After launching the NSC materials at the National Coffee Conference, Café Africa coordinated the training in the Kigoma Rural district at the Kalinzi Village.

Kigoma Production consist on 1101 Green coffee Metric tonnes (2016/17) contributing 2.3% of total production in Tanzania.

The training includes the extension officers from both private and public sector from the coffee producing districts of Buhigwe, Kigoma Rural, Kasulu, Uvinza, Kakonko and Kibondo. The overarching purpose of these platforms, which convene the whole coffee value-chain stakeholders, is to develop strategies to increase production as it is currently at risk by old age coffee trees, poor agricultural practices, low production of coffee seedlings and low investment in coffee production by both private and public sector.

According to Dafrosa Sanga, Programme Officer, the initiative has “brought togetherness among the stakeholders in Kigoma by linking them during the training, as well as enhancing their efforts by increasing production and supporting the Extension officers to disseminate the knowledge acquired at farm level.”

The National sustainability training of trainer conducted in Kigoma, started on 9th October and will continue until the second week of December. The training emphasizes on concrete actions with additional theoretical input.

For more information on this project, please contact: Dafrosa Sanga

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