Platform Stats


1 Mio

total coffee exports
(60kg bags)



sustainable sales
of total exports

Compare Coffeebeans

50 / 50

robusta vs. arabica
percentage of sales

Group Of Farmers


number of
smallholder farmers


About the Platform

Country Platform: The National Coffee Stakeholder Committee (NCSC) and the National Coffee Conference

The National Coffee Stakeholder Committee (NCSC) was established in 2009, and focuses on improving communication between private and public sectors, supporting the implementation of the national strategy and organizing the annual National Coffee Conference (NCC).

Chair: Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB)


  • Public sector: Tanzania Coffee Board (TCB), Moshi Rural District Council, TCDF, TaCRI
  • Private sector institutions: Tanzania Coffee Association (TCA)
  • Private companies: Louis Dreyfus Ltd., Mambo Coffee Ltd., Rafiki Coffee Ltd., Katagwe Estates Ltd., Mbozi Coffee Curing Company, Mbinga Coffee Curing Company
  • Producer Cooperatives: G32, KNCU, KCU, Kilicafe
  • NGOs: DEG, Solidaridad, Café Africa
  • Other institutions: Kilimanjaro Regional Agricultural Advisor, Tanzania Association of Women in Coffee (TAWOCA).


The National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC) has been launched in all 8 coffee production zones and institutionalized into the national extension delivery system, which acknowledges the training and examination process for NSC trainees.

Strengthened advocacy links with local government to ensure coffee development is prioritized in the Agriculture Sector Development Plan and coffee is promoted as a priority cash crop for local government to invest in.

Next Steps

The Tanzanian Country Platform is working on the following priorities:

Increasing production and productivity

Supporting overall coffee quality improvement

Increasing the involvement of young people in coffee production

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