Honduran coffee exporter CO. HONDUCAFE, presented with Presidential Award

16 / Mar / 17


Mrs. Suyapa Hawit and Mr. Basilio Fuschich, founders of COHONDUCAFE

Honduras’s largest coffee exporter has been granted the ‘Presidential Award of the Year, Business Orchid’ for their contribution to the socio-economic development of Honduras and the coffee sector.

‘Creating Value for Rural Communities and the Company’

The Compañía Hondureña del Café S.A. de C.V. (CO. HONDUCAFE) is a Honduran family business dedicated to the marketing and export of high quality coffee for over 50 years with the motto “Creating Value for Rural Communities and the Company”.

On March 8th, 2017, The Honduran Government hosted the “Presidential Orchid Business Awards” to recognize national companies that stimulate the development of the national economy through their work in various industries. CO. HONDUCAFE was awarded with the highest presidential honor given to a company, the “Presidential Award 2017”, as well as a prize in the “Greater Market Diversification” category.

In his speech, Mr. Terence Fuschich mentioned that “…we will continue to promote quality and promote coffee from Honduras to the world. Likewise, we will continue to support with training and technical assistance, in order to increase the productivity and profitability of farms, to improve the quality of life of coffee producing families”.

Coffee employs over 1 million people in Honduras

Honduras is the main coffee producer in Central America and a crucial sector for the country’s economy, representing 4% of Gross Domestic Product (GDP) and 26% of Agricultural GDP. During the harvest season, more than one million people are employed in the coffee sector, which represents 15% of the country’s total population.

Co. HONDUCAFE has worked to improve the production and living conditions of coffee producers, which has also impacted on the commercial growth of the company. It is now the main coffee exporter in Honduras, exporting more than 30% of the volume of coffee produced in the country through commercial relationships with more than 40,000 producers.

As part of CO. HONDUCAFE’s social-corporate responsibility, the CO. HONDUCAFE Foundation was created. It promotes the development and improvement of the coffee sector through initiatives that combat obstacles such as low farm productivity, inconsistency in coffee quality, lack of access to training, technical assistance and financing, which feed into long-term strategic issues such as gender and youth participation, generational change, adaptation to climate change and conservation of biodiversity.