The Coffee Quality Institute’s Partnership for Gender Equity (CQI-PGE) has launched the Engagement Guide for Gender Equity in Coffee and the Common Measurement Framework, two tools which work in tandem to address industry questions and take action on gender equity issues within the coffee value chain. Both tools were funded by the Global Coffee Platform and build on considerable stakeholder input in their design over the past year.

Coffee industry companies interested in acting towards a more resilient supply chain now have access to the tools, who will support their efforts on gender equity. The issue of gender equity has been gaining interest and momentum within companies and coffee origin countries. However, companies have had questions about how to get involved and how gender equity can bolster the impact of interventions at origin or in supply chain investments.

If you are interested in finding out what GCP is planning for these tools, follow our news as we will fully introduce them during a webinar on 8th March at 3pm CET.

In the meantime, the tools are available here:

GCP PGE Engagement Guide Gender Equity For Gender Equity in Coffee

GCP PGE Common Measurement Framework 2017