GCP supports Alliance for Sustainable Coffee partnership launch in Perú

11 / May / 17

Promoting dialogue and coordinated action

Improving the competitiveness of Peruvian coffee

Today, Tuesday 16 May, the Global Coffee Platform, the Cámara Peruana del Café y Cacao and the Junta Nacional del Café announced their agreement to launch a national collaboration called the Alianza para el Café Sostenible to spark further action and alignment in the sector.

This significant step guarantees concrete and transparent collaboration and concrete actions across the Peruvian coffee sector.

Luis Navarro, the President of the Cámara Peruana del Café y Cacao, said that “…one of the first tasks of this national platform is to produce reliable statistics that serve to achieve long-term policies for coffee…”

Annette Pensel, the Executive Director of the Global Coffee Platform, says:

“The Cámara and the Junta are the key institutions which represent Peruvian coffee, so this partnership is a hugely positive development for the sector to move forward in an inclusive collaboration and alignment, building first on fundamental aspects. GCP recognizes the strength of this partnership to mobilize the wide spectrum of Peruvian coffee actors to work collectively towards the common goal of a prosperous and sustainable Peruvian coffee sector, fostered within a public-private coffee dialogue.”

In 2017, the Alianza para el Café Sostenible will:

  • Help consolidate greater confidence and sustainability commitments among the key players in the Peruvian coffee sector
  • Establish a transparent, frank, collaborative and pre-competitive public-private dialogue, focusing on creating tools and services to improve the well-being of coffee producing families in Peru
  • Promote and strengthen three fundamental aspects of the coffee sector:
    • economic viability of coffee producers
    • climate-smart coffee production
    • participation and effective contribution of young people and women in the development of coffee production and its sustainability in Peru
Peru Signing

This partnership is the first step to embarking on a joint vision by identifying the key sustainability priorities for the Peruvian coffee sector and aligning proposals to contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The GCP recognizes that agreement on fundamental aspects in the coffee sector will allow stakeholders to prioritise activities that contribute to solving systemic challenges to improve the competitiveness of Peruvian coffee-growing. This in turn promotes the well-being of coffee-producing families in Peru and the coffee sector in general, which supports the GCP’s aim to promote a coordinated farmer-centric approach in the global coffee sector and to use public-private dialogue as a means to positively influences coffee policies and macro conditions in Peru.

If you would like more information or to get involved with the Alianza para el Café Sostenible, please contact Guillermo Belloso, GCP Manager Latin America, by emailing

The formation of the Alianza para el Café Sostenible is a key preliminary step for the Peruvian coffee sector to establish effective public-private dialogue to address key issues. Establishing and supporting platforms which enable public-private dialogue is a core part of the GCP’s work. Find out more about the other Country Platforms.