Country Platforms

Country Platforms bring national coffee sectors together to tackle the biggest local issues, multiply impact and improve farmer profitability.

Through Country Platforms both public and private stakeholders can create a common road-map, language and action-agenda for their country strategy. A meaningful dialogue, strong collaboration and good coordination in coffee producing countries increases accountability, strategy implementation and the productivity, profitability and resilience of farmers. Therefore, the Global Coffee Platform supports the development of these platforms to create lasting change in those producing countries. The GCP also facilitates cross platform learning through such channels as forums, webinars, learning journeys, research publications, and more.

Through Country Platforms, members of the Global Coffee Platform can:

  • Closely cooperate with both public and private sector actors
  • Improve investability of their country
  • Act on the issues most important to their country
  • Gain insight into accredited research
  • Contribute to the global agenda
  • Connect with other producing country governments
  • Exchange on learnings with other national platforms

For more information on each country platform, please contact: