GCP launches Collective Action Networks to tackle sector’s sustainability issues

13 / Jun / 17

Today the Global Coffee Platform has launched three Collective Action Networks (CANs) to strategically tackle major issues in the coffee sector.

The Collective Action Networks will direct participants efficiently to focus efforts on three key issues:

  • The Economic Viability of FarmingCAN seeks to seeks to improve the economic viability of farming by increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of actions and interventions.
  • The Climate Smart Agriculture CAN develops responsive tools to enable coffee farmers to adapt and build resilience towards climate change and its consequences.
  • The Gender & Youth CAN empowers communities and helps to make coffee farming more attractive for young people.

The Global Coffee Platform identified the need to build working groups to multiply the effect of different coffee sustainability initiatives around the world. The CANs are networks that build real global alignment and meaningful impact to respond the increasing demand of coffee stakeholders regarding optimization of investments and constant perceptible growth of common efforts.

Shared learnings and increased scale

The CANs will enable members to avoid costs associated with duplication or fragmentation, as well as increase the scale and impact of their investments and get the most out of the time and effort invested into sustainability practices. CAN contributors will gain access to the sector’s sustainability performance indicators, and have the chance to share their success stories and learnings for future programs.

This initiative is the result of thorough analysis of GCP’s members and the need to make effective use of their investments in sustainability projects. The CANs are also open to non-members who have interest in participating and making use of the tools available in each network.

Economic Viability of Farming in focus at the Global Coffee Sustainability Conference

In October 2017, the GCP’s Global Coffee Sustainability Conference will focus on one of the CANs: the Economic Viability of Farming. The conference will connect people from across the coffee world with each other, resources, and opportunities, building actionable next steps to tackle one of the biggest issues the sector faces.