GCP announces Global Coffee Sustainability Conference

13 / Jun / 17

The conference will focus on securing the economic viability of farming, and will take place in Geneva on 4-5 October 2017.

Focusing on Securing the Economic Viability of Farming

This year’s Global Coffee Sustainability Conference theme is ‘Securing the Economic Viability of Farming’. This theme has been chosen because it underpins the entire sector and is a crucial condition for the coffee industry to survive and thrive.

With a program of top speakers from across the industry, interactive sessions and practical workshops, the Global Coffee Sustainability Conference 2017 will identify and discuss benefits to farmers and the industry from improved farm productivity and building an enabling environment in producing countries.

Attendees will have the chance to network with top sustainability professionals, find potential partners for projects and showcase their own sustainability work. This shared learning and collaboration means that together we can get the most out of the time and effort invested in sustainability across the sector.

Shaping the global agenda

The discussions and decisions taken at the Global Coffee Sustainability Conference will shape the direction GCP takes over the coming years, and the sustainability agenda for the entire sector.

Of course, while the economic sustainability of the sector is a pressing topic, the sector also faces many other challenges and opportunities. Experts and stakeholders will also have the chance to discuss and cooperate on the other Collective Action Networks, focusing on climate change and gender & youth, and the Country Platform work plans.

Please note that travel and accommodation subsidies are available for some GCP Members.

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