CSC App to strengthen the Brazilian Platform

More than 107 agronomists from 15 different institutions in Brazil have joined the Coffee Sustainability Curriculum App, launched in October 2017. Since then, the National Platform in Brazil has actively spread the word on a useful tool to quantify practices, measure weaknesses and development besides comparing different coffee regions.

The CSC App is available for free to GCP members and allows off-line data inputs via laptop, tablets or cellphone, both Android and iOS. The App evaluates 122 CSC practices, the 18 CSC Fundamental Items and the 35 Brazil Sustainability Indicators defined by the Brazilian Working Group (BWG), generating 25 different reports to help and guide institutions on sustainability development.

Together with the App, GCP Brazil developed and is currently implementing an Internal Management System (IMS) training for members. Ideally, organizations will be able to conduct extension services and technical assistance to implement an IMS while supporting the continuous improvement process. The App is one of the key tools of the IMS to guarantee the measurement and development of sustainable regions.

This new step in technology represents a great opportunity for innovation and collective work. The current users are testing and using the CSC App for their daily work in the field, collecting relevant information so that coffee producers can improve their farms in the three sustainability dimensions: economical (including productive), environmental and social.
In 2018, the Brazil Program team hopes to strengthen the use of the tool among extension services and cooperatives to increase data inputs and report feedback. This will lead to an increase in being able to measure sustainability.

The CSC App (available only in Portuguese) can be downloaded by clicking here.

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