Coffee sustainability training held across Brazil

19 / Jun / 17

Roll-out of Coffee Sustainability Curriculum through a new app and advanced training courses

Training Courses on the Coffee Sustainability Curriculum across Brazil

Last month the states of Espírito Santo, Minas Gerais and São Paulo hosted Train-the-Trainers courses on the Coffee Sustainability Curriculum (CSC).

Students received updated information focusing on the Fundamental Items of the CSC in order to advance the goal of making small growers more sustainable. Two of the courses took place at leading universities (UFLA and UNESP) and a third was held at the largest Conilon cooperative in Brazil, Cooabriel, a GCP member in the state of Espirito Santo (pictured above). Tt T Avançado Paraná

Participants of the CSC training hosted by Emater-PR

Advanced Training Course on the Coffee Sustainability Curriculum (CSC) hosted by Emater-PR

The Emater – Parana team joined the Advanced Train the Trainers Course on the CSC, which was hosted in Cornélio Procópio and Congoinhas, in Paraná.

A group of 26 technicians discussed and learned more on how to deal with the challenges of sustainable coffee production in the state. This highly established extension service in Brazil is formed by a highly committed group of experienced technicians who showed great interest in the course.

In particular, topics like ways to further explore the soil in depth to increase the root system of coffee plants and the efficiency of water use generated lively debates among the participants! App Training Cooabriel Cropped

Cooabriel’s technicians team

App to monitor sustainable practices in the field

The first training course on how to use the Coffee Sustainability Curriculum App to monitor the implementation of the practices was held in partnership with Cooabriel, a major conilon cooperative and GCP member in Espírito Santo State.

In the field, the technicians are now using the tool to collect data, measure and evaluate improvement and compare the results between its own group, other groups and different regions. The GCP Brazil indicators are also included and will be recorded in the app. Cooabriel is the first GCP member to use the app in Brazil.