The Global Coffee Platform participated in the recent Sintercafé meeting held on November 9-11 in Herradura, Costa Rica. GCP’s Ambassador North America, Mary Petitt and Guillermo Belloso, Coordinator Central America, represented GCP members at the meeting. A focal theme emerging during the conference was the importance of global communication and collaboration to successfully tackle our shared coffee sustainability development challenges.

Mary Petitt addressed the conference for the Global Coffee Platform, highlighting the commitment of the GCP members to collaborate and accelerate global coffee sector sustainability through GCP’s prime role of achieving collaborative action “while GCP has dedicated, deep and diverse global members and Board of Directors, its Country Platforms have also achieved encouraging vital goals during the year. 2018 looks promising for the sector’s journey towards sustainability”, stated GCP’s Ambassador in North America.

Several hundred coffee supply chain partners from all links in the value chain gathered in Costa Rica to discuss key challenges and the advancements underway to address them.

Additionally, Guillermo Belloso, together with GCP MOU partners Solidaridad and UTZ, engaged key stakeholders in strategic meetings to support Country Platform development in Honduras, and met with key industry stakeholders from Peru to actively discuss and welcome stakeholder engagement in its important emerging Country Platform organization. The Sintercafé meeting was a wonderful opportunity for GCP to engage with, share its progress and plans with our fellow coffee sector stakeholders.

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Images retrieved from Sintercafé in Facebook.