Vietnamese coffee sector is increasingly taking an interest in the rejuvenation of Arabica coffee. On 23rd August 2016, the Consultation Workshop on Arabica Coffee Rejuvenation Process took place in Huong Hoa District at the Quang Tri province, with the Global Coffee Platform as a key participant and contributor.

This workshop -the first of its kind in Vietnam- on Arabica rejuvenation was organized by Quang Tri PPC (Province People’s Committee) and funded by the Netherlands Development Organization (SNV) and World Vision.

A total of 8.000 households in Quang Tri rely on Arabica Coffee, which places Arabica Rejuvenation as an issue of paramount importance in its role towards the empowerment of ethnic minorities. These communities currently face a lack of economic opportunities on top of aging coffee areas, as well as limited crop diversification, poor market access, and low financial literacy.

To deal with these issues, SNV has partnered since June 2015 with World Vision Vietnam on the implementation of the project “ethnic minorities ’economic empowerment – EMEE” in six communes in Huong Hoa district, Quang Tri province.

Being a perennial plant, coffee-related activities have significantly contributed to the socio-economic development in West of Quang Tri province. In 2015 alone, Quang Tri had a total 4.675 hectares of Arabica, which accounts for one seventh of the country’s Arabica area.