Shaping Vision2020 goals: public-private consultation workshops in coffee producing countries

13 / Jul / 16

The International Coffee Organization and the Global Coffee Platform are working together in further developing and engaging key stakeholders on a collective vision and agenda for real sustainability of the coffee sector: Vision2020/2030. In this context, several workshops around Vision2020 are currently being delivered in collaboration with public-private National Coffee Platforms / Advisory Boards / Roundtables on coffee sustainability. Public and private coffee stakeholders will take part in these consultation processes in several key coffee producing countries during June & July 2016.

Through these workshops we aim to make Vision2020 more tangible by setting collective sector goals and targets for year 2020. In order to achieve this, it is essential to listen to and engage with stakeholders at national and local level in coffee producing countries. Amongst other information, through these workshops we expect to get feedback on goals, targets and timeframe of existing national coffee sector (sustainability) strategies;and how progress is being measured.

Additionally, national coffee stakeholders are invited to share feedback on currently prioritized V2020 thematic focus areas, such as Climate Smart Agriculture, Gender & Youth, Financial Literacy and Access to Finance, in order to confirm or revise those in line with national level priorities and goals.

The dialogue is also a key opportunity to incorporate recommendations on how to make best use of the potential of Vision2020 for the benefits of coffee farmers and the entire coffee sector.

The received input and priorities from national perspective will be aggregated into a revised global Vision2020 concept in line with the Sustainable Development Goals and presented for feedback in September 2016 at a public-private international V2020 workshop and to the International Coffee Council of the International Coffee Organization.

Aggregating the collective goals and priorities of the coffee sector for Vision2020 will also guide the development of the Global Progress Framework to measure progress and contributions from public and private side towards the agreed goals, building on other measurement frameworks, including from COSA (Committee on Sustainability Assessment) and the Sustainable Coffee Challenge.

Background: What is Vision2020 and why do we need it? What is the role of the Global Coffee Platform?

The positive trend of global coffee consumption provides a huge opportunity for the entire coffee industry: More people will want to drink our wonderful beverage, more coffee will be needed in the coming years and decades, in different qualities, both Arabica and Robusta. We must be sure to be prepared to deliver this coffee, in a sustainable way: based on profitable coffee farming, with sound environmental practices and the social framework which supports those who work in the industry, all along the value chain. How to ensure that coffee farmers, their families and communities are truly benefiting from this opportunity?

How will the coffee sector seize this unique opportunity, and need for real sustainability? The sector has come a long way in organizing itself and driving sustainability forward. Coffee is the first crop where voluntary sustainability principles reached the mainstream, where over one third of its production now meets one or more standards. Moreover, public and private stakeholders initiated numerous multi-stakeholder initiatives to accelerate sustainable coffee production.

With a focus on voluntary certification and verification standards and programs, the sector took an important step towards sustainability. However, these steps are not enough on their own to address the more overarching and systemic sustainability challenges the sector is facing. Despite all progress, the sector continues to face threats related to climate change, pest and disease outbreak and aging trees. Moreover, the origins where farmer livelihoods failed to rise sufficiently see younger generations migrate away from coffee production.

The time has come for the coffee sector to continue its pioneering and leading role, and take a more collaborative, holistic and aligned approach to sustainability, aligning the different programs and initiatives towards a unified, farmer centric vision and a progress framework.

The new approach of Vision2020 offers:

  • Global themes and outcome objectives to achieve collective impact for the resilience and livelihoods of coffee farming communities and the sector as a whole
  • Translate priorities into action agendas through public-private partnership platforms
  • One common reporting framework to create transparency, measure impact and allow for continuous improvement

Activities and action contributing to Vision2020 will build on existing platforms, initiatives and experiences, both from public and from private side.

Sector sustainability is a collective accountability and long term success depends on our ability to work together and share responsibilities.

The Global Coffee Platform, as a vehicle for V2020, will contribute both at national and global levels to making this vision a reality through its engaged and committed members, partners and donors, and in collaboration with governments and the International Coffee Organization.

Join hands for the journey towards a thriving, sustainable coffee sector!

For more information, please contact Annette Pensel, Interim Executive Director at or click on the link below.