4C Annual Report OUT NOW!

As the title of the 4C Association’s 2013 Annual Report suggests, our global coffee platform had a remarkable year in fostering a greater understanding and adoption of the 4C Entry-level standard, furthering collaborations with other sustainability standards as well as gaining sector-wide support to tackle critical issues affecting coffee stakeholders the world over.

The 4C Association saw steady growth in not only the figures for the demand and supply of 4C Compliant Coffee, but also in membership, the number of verified producer groups, business partners, geographical reach, benchmarking agreements and partnership projects.

With many new team members having made a strengthened Secretariat, the 4C Association is set to build on our achievements in 2013. The 4C Association will further review and consolidate the Entry-level standard and verification system including its funding model, it will continue to engage with other sustainability standards to increase alignment and boost the amount of verified and certified sustainable coffee available in the market, and it will engage and interact with members through dialogue, projects, and strategic partnerships to move the sustainability agenda forward.

As a multi-stakeholder organization, all that was achieved in 2013 could not have been possible without the continued support and commitment from all producer members, civil society members, trade and industry members, associated members, business partners, implementers, funding partners and the Secretariat.