The GCP Board, which represents our broad multistakeholder membership, is hard at work guiding the membership association’s new strategy planning and execution: GCP 2.0.

This year’s first meeting of the GCP Board took place on March 29+30 (virtually). Key agenda items and decisions included:

  • Welcome!
    The newly elected Board members Mr. Moenardji Soedargo (Individual, Indonesia, representing Producers) and Mr. Matt Smith (Executive Vice President, Commodities and Sustainability at Westrock Coffee, US, representing Roasters/Retailers) were welcomed.
  • The Membership Committee
    13 new members have joined GCP in 2021. Matt Smith was welcomed to join the Membership Committee.
  • The Finance Committee
    The committee presented the financial audit results 2021. The Board unanimously approved the financial statements for 2021 (with a planned negative result of 157k$).
  • Highlights & results 2021, deliverables 2022:
    The Board reviewed Highlights & Results 2021 as well as Deliverables 2022, based on the current provisional budget 2022. GCP Members will receive a summary of the 2021 highlights & financials in the Annual Report.
  • New strategy GCP 2.0:
    The draft business plan and engagement with GCP Members and prospective partners were introduced along with a Scorecard to plan and track progress towards the KPI ‘Farmer Income’ in various coffee producing countries where GCP is/will be active. The Board provided feedback on the business plan, which was received positively as a reflection of the vision of the strategy and gave the vote of confidence to start the fundraising work after further planning.

    Next steps in Q2 include the development of GCP 2.0 Country Plans, raising seed capital, further developing business plan, scorecard including capacity assessment of Country Platforms and financial projection, to start deploying first initiatives.   
  • Partnerships & fundraising:
    Updates were shared on a near term partnership opportunity with Partnership for Forests (P4F) focusing on the nexus between farmers’ prosperity/living income and regenerative agriculture/climate resilience.

    The status of the next phase of the strategic partnership with IDH (The Sustainable Trade Initiative) was presented and next steps agreed.
  • Deep-dive: Uganda:
    Samson Emong, GCP Country Coordinator Uganda, Café Africa Uganda, presented a progress update of the Uganda Coffee Platform, the challenges, the opportunities, the value of being part of GCP and upcoming activities. He highlighted the role of the platform creating an enabling environment for private and public sector dialogue.

    Work in Uganda includes annual stakeholder meetings (which resulted in the launch of the national Coffee Roadmap and its implementation plan), national and district steering committee meetings (including 196 coffee shows held in 49 districts reaching more than 200,000 farmers) and Collective Action Initiatives. Upcoming is the launch of a new GCP Collective Action Initiative – Youth for Coffee in Uganda.

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