Christien Parrott

04 / Nov / 20

A self-described coffee aficionado, Christien Parrott is a Senior Manager of Sustainable Sourcing who is committed to coffee and tea sustainability at Mother Parkers Tea and Coffee. 

Over the last year Christien built an ethical sourcing coffee and tea program for Mother Parkers that focuses on sustainable options, enhancing the sustainability of each supply chain, and strengthening the resilience of communities and the wellbeing of producers at origin. These initiatives will drive significant and lasting impacts to environmental, social and governance aspects of sustainability for Mother Parkers. 

Christien’s diverse experiences as an Enterprise Sales Director, Project Manager, and Coffee Commodities Manager has allowed her to develop a unique perspective when it comes to capturing the business and human story behind each cup of coffee. Christien holds an Honors B.A. as well as Project Management Certificate from the University of Toronto. She is a certified Q-Arabica Grader and is currently pursuing a Certified Tea Sommelier designation.  

Outside of the office, Christien is an alpine ski enthusiast, former ski racing coach that now enjoys fair-weather skiing with a mountain-side beverage of choice!