GCPMA19: Call for Board Nominations and Other Resolutions

08 / Aug / 19

Resolutions for GCP Membership Assembly 2019

The GCP Board approved the following decision points for the 4th GCP Membership Assembly 2019:

  • Report back from the Board and approval of the Board’s actions
  • Endorsement of GCP strategy & plan 2020
  • Board Elections 2019
  • Endorsement of minutes of the 3rd Membership Assembly 2018

Call for nominations for GCP Board elections 2019

At the GCP Membership Assembly Board elections will take place. In total four Board seats need to be filled:

  • Two seats for a Producer Representative, of which one is currently vacant (local exporter) and one is currently held by Juan Esteban Orduz from the Colombian Coffee Federation, whose first 3-year term ends. Candidates for Producer Board seats need to be producer representatives or representatives from local coffee exporters.
  • One seat for a Civil Society Representative, which is currently held by John Schluter from Café Africa, whose first 3-year term ends. Candidates need to be representatives of a Civil Society Organisation.
  • One new seat for an Industry (Roaster/Retailer) Representative, which was created as an additional seat for a roaster or retailer at the Membership Assembly 2018, increasing the total number of Industry seats to four. Candidates need to be representatives of the Industry stakeholder group.

You find an overview of the Board seats below. If you would like to be considered as a nominee for one of these Board positions, please fill in the Motivation Sheet for Global Coffee Platform’s Board Candidates (Link below). The deadline for handing in applications is Monday,September 16th 2019 COB(CEST).

The GCP Nomination & Election Committee will check all valid nominee’s applications against the defined qualifications profile criteria and inform the membership about the Board candidates in due course. Board members are elected for a three-year term. Upon completion of the first term, Board members may stand for re-election for one more three-year term.