GCP PGE Gender Common Measurement Framework 2017

The Common Measurement Framework helps to measure progress towards gender equity in value chain participation.

The purpose of the Common Measurement Framework (CMF) is to provide a set of core indicators that define data to be collected on a regular basis and that help to measure progress towards gender equity in value chain participation, access to productive resources, and return of benefits. These data will help to not only establish a baseline on identified disparities between men and women but also track both the expansion of opportunities and the closing of gaps. Building on the hypothesis presented on page 4, the CMF focuses on indicators that measure conditions that inhibit full participation of both men and women and maximize effective performance of the coffee value chain. The CMF allows coffee industry actors to learn about gender differences in their programs and supply chains. When applied over time, the CMF results will help users to learn whether their efforts to support gender equity are working and, if so, to what extent.