Public-private alignment in origin countries accelerates sustainability in coffee

The Global Coffee Platform has released a new report, which showcases the growth of National Coffee Platforms in the producing countries of Brazil, Colombia, Indonesia, Uganda and Vietnam.

The report maps the processes, challenges faced and key lessons learned by National Coffee Platforms over the last five years, as they have blazed a trail that any committed group of stakeholders can follow; to find a common voice and align around it.

National Coffee Platforms are providing a pathway to a more prosperous coffee sector—a sector that produces the quality and quantity of coffee necessary to create a self-supporting, high-yield industry. A sector that grows and sells ethical, excellent coffee in a way that protects natural resources as well as the livelihoods of farmers.

Each chapter profiles the countries’ efforts in fostering coffee-specific dialogue between public and private sectors. The National Coffee Platforms bring together government representatives, policy makers, producers, trade, industry, and knowledge-leaders. They create an environment in which common goals are recognized, and common visions are shared.

As National Coffee Platform structures grow and continue to improve, local stakeholders become more resilient and resourceful. This in turn translates into the international coffee market being better served by thriving producing countries able to create and protect their own industries.

For more information on the National Coffee Platforms supported by the Global Coffee Platform, contact Jenny Kwan.

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