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Communicate your GCP Membership

The following steps outline how GCP Members can obtain and use the GCP Logo in line with trademark terms, conditions and all necessary technical information to help you to effectively communicate your GCP Membership and highlight your commitment to advance coffee sustainability.

All GCP Logo users must have accepted and digitally signed these terms of use before using the logo, however this only needs to be done once, and not each time the GCP Logo is used. Please note any unauthorised use of the GCP Logo may result in legal action.

GCP Members are invited to explore they ways in which they can use GCP to better communicate their coffee sustainability goals as outlined in the GCP Member Communications Guidelines. Find out how and where to use the GCP Logo, find statements to help articulate your GCP Membership and find out how we can help leverage our shared values

Follow these steps to use the GCP Logo:

1. Read and reconfirm acceptance of the GCP Member Communication Guidelines, which assists GCP Members in promoting their GCP Membership – including standard membership statements, ways to engage with GCP online, as well as providing an overview where to use the GCP Logo.

2. Read and accept the GCP Logo Licence Agreement and its annex, the GCP Logo Standards Manual, which outlines the rules, conditions, options and all technical details for logo usage.

3. Request the GCP Logo by filling out this form and you will be sent an email with a link to the GCP Logo. You will have 24 hours to download the logo using your exclusive link.

Fill in your details and start communicating about your GCP Membership and shared sustainability values!

I have read and accept the GCP Member Communication Guidelines. *
I have read and accept the GCP Logo License Agreement. *
I have read and accept the GCP Logo Standards Manual. *
I have read and accept GCP’s Privacy Policy. *

In case you have questions please contact:

GCP Logo Standards Manual

By downloading the GCP Logo, you and your organization agree to adhere to the guidance provided in the GCP Members Communication Guidelines, the technical specifications for designers in the GCP Logo Standards Manual, and the legal conditions contained in GCP Logo Licence Agreement relating to GCP’s trademarks.

Additional queries can be directed to