GCP welcomes new SCOPI Executive Director
to the Global Team


Ms. Ade Aryani has been appointed the new Executive Director of the Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI), representing Indonesia as part of the GCP Network of Country Platforms. With a background working with international donors, covering health, economy and environmental sectors, Aryani takes the helm of SCOPI in a new era for the platform.

Ms Aryani’s main goal is to strengthen SCOPI to better advance the coffee industry in Indonesia by assisting coffee farmers in cultivating sustainable coffee, something she recognizes as a “big challenge”, especially in sector new to her.

“I am committed to continue on the works that already done while also considering exploring new initiatives and advancing SCOPI as an organization itself and improving living income of the coffee farmers.”

Ade Aryani,
Executive Director SCOPI

The new director plans to work on growing the number of parties, both government and private. Through this collaboration, shared goals can be achieved to improve coffee quality, increase productivity, and reduce negative environmental impact while providing economic impact to the coffee farmers.

“I also hope that the collaboration between SCOPI, as a country platform, and GCP is getting closer and stronger.”

Ms Aryani said there was great importance in aligning with GCP’s strategic direction, which is reflected in the work SCOPI is doing. “Farmers are currently facing many challenges in cultivating their coffee products. Therefore, GCP’s goal of transformational change for farmers to increase farmer’s living income through sustainable production of coffee and other sources using agroforestry approach, as well as enabling climate adaptation and mitigation for farmers is critical.”

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