18 Sustainability Schemes eligible for GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases

Since announcing five sustainability schemes gaining recognition as equivalent to the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code, 2nd party assurance, the number of sustainability schemes now recognized by GCP totals 18, making transparent sustainable coffee purchase reporting more accessible than ever. All 18 Sustainability Schemes are now eligible for GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases

According to Annette Pensel, Global Coffee Platform’s Executive Director, the commitment to the use of a common language and the increasing openness to transparency is a “critical feature to understand, advance and accelerate coffee sustainability”.

Schemes eligible for GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases:

3rd Party Assurance

Certifica Minas
Starbucks’ C.A.F.E. Practices

2nd Party Assurance

ECOM’ SMS Verified
Enveritas ‘ Enveritas Gold and Enveritas Green
Exportadora de Café Guaxupé’s Guaxupé Planet
LDC’s Responsible Sourcing Program Advanced
Mercon’s LIFT
Nespresso AAA
Neumann’s NKG BLOOM and NKG Verified
ofi’s AtSource Entry Verified and AtSource Plus
Volcafe’s Volcafe Verified and Volcafe Excellence

By October 2023, all schemes will need to have been assessed under the GCP Equivalence Mechanism 2.0, according to the GCP Equivalence Process. Until then, all sustainability schemes above are fully recognized by GCP. 

Roasters and retailers invited to join GCP Collective Reporting

GCP now invites coffee roasters and retailers to participate in the next round of GCP Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases on 2022 volumes. This is an important tool to drive coffee sustainability and a way for roasters and retailers to collectively expand the demand and supply of sustainable coffee produced following at least baseline sustainability principles.

Since 2018, GCP has been supporting roaster and retailer partners to annually report their increasing sustainable coffee purchases, demonstrating their progressive sustainability leadership founded in the Code and GCP Equivalence Mechanism.

The summary report, GCP Snapshot 2022, to be published in Q3 this year, will be the result of a transparent and pre-competitive approach from the participating companies, representing a strong commitment to addressing coffee sustainability challenges collectively.

GCP’s Collective Reporting on Sustainable Coffee Purchases, underpinned by the Code and the GCP Equivalence Mechanism, forms part of the organization’s new two-tier strategy to achieve the shared GCP 2030 Goal of transformational change on farmers’ prosperity for more than one million coffee farmers in more than 10 countries.

Reporting for 2022 begins in April. Contact GCP to start now!

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