GCP welcomes new SCOPI Director to the team

Eman Wisnu Putra appointed Director of Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia, part of the GCP Network of Country Platforms.  

Mr. Eman Wisnu Putra has been appointed the new Executive Director of SCOPI, representing Indonesia as part of the GCP Network of Country Platforms. With a background in coffee trading and sustainable business development with international experiences, Eman takes the helm of SCOPI in a new era for the platform.

As part of the GCP Global Team, Eman’s vision is aligned with GCP’s new strategic direction and plans to focus on transformational change for coffee producers.

“I am committed to driving transformational change for coffee farmers in Indonesia.”

Eman Putra, Executive Director SCOPI

Eman served as a member of SCOPI’s Executive Board 2015-2018. The new role, he says, is an opportunity to “listen, to see, to prepare and to act adaptively with the local grass-root community, our members, our partners and our donors, and to understand the dynamics of concerns in the global coffee community.”

“I will be building on the work already done and to continue the steps which are defined on Theory of Change within SCOPI and Indonesia Sustainable Coffee Roadmap. Certain additional topic like agroforestry will be adopted as it affects way to increase the production, to increase the livelihood of coffee farmers in Indonesia and to sustain the nature conservation in Indonesia.”  

According to GCP’s Executive Director, Annette Pensel, the team is delighted to welcome the new SCOPI ED. “Eman’s private sector drive, his coffee and sustainability expertise and networks are great assets to propel transformational work forward towards farmers’ prosperity and sustainability in Indonesia’s coffee sector. We look forward to intensifying cooperation with SCOPI and to accelerate developments together with all other Country Platforms and GCP Members as part of our new strategy GCP 2.0.”

For Eman, transformational change would bring a long-term significant impact for generations to come. “Because Indonesia has a very unique country profile as an archipelago country with various specialty and commercial coffee profile in each region, small-holder coffee farmers must be prepared and equipped to mitigate the various natural-risks ahead.”