GCP Members journey to the field in search of action opportunities

In early March, GCP Members traveled virtually to six of GCP’s Network of Country Platform during the GCP Field Days webinar series, this year titled “Country Platform Conversations”.

The series was conceived in 2020 with the intention to help connect GCP Members to the work taking place on the ground in coffee-producing countries. Instead of being “just another webinar”, this year’s series allowed GCP Members participants to join in a meeting format in an effort to provide a space for direct engagement.

“In particular, we wanted this year’s GCP Field Days to be a place for Members unfamiliar with a particular country’s work to feel invited to learn and engage and to find out how they might get involved through various action opportunities,” said GCP Caroline Glowka, Manager Member Relations and Corporate Partnerships.

As the issues faced by coffee farmers vary from country to country and sustainability efforts are often overlapping or fragmented, GCP’s Network of Country Platforms enable tailored solutions to local priorities and a more effective allocation of resources.

“From the GCP Collective Action Initiatives currently underway and those being planned, to work being done on National Sustainability Curricula and the various data and measurement projects taking place, we wanted members to have access to up-to-date country efforts, plans and progress and to find activities that supports their own sustainability efforts,” said Glowka.

For Melissa Salazar, GCP Manager – Countries, the GCP Field Days series provided an opportunity to both showcase the opportunities for members to support local action, and for the coordinators of the platform to better understand the interest of the membership. “The series was filled with fruitful discussion, and we hope this will be the beginning of new innovative channels to engage with GCP members both globally and at the country level.”

Countries featured included Brazil, Honduras, Indonesia, Kenya, Uganda and Vietnam. GCP Members who were unable to attend the events will gain access to the recordings through the upcoming GCP Member Brief.

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