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Two new action opportunities

Building on the recent publication of the Coffee Sustainability Reference Code, GCP is launching two new action opportunities for GCP Members to collaboratively advance crucial work areas: the GCP Pesticides Action Group and the GCP Equivalence Mechanism Revision.    

Pesticides Action Group

The Coffee Sustainability Reference Code includes two lists of pesticides, one of substances that are prohibited  and one of substances to be reduced and phased out. To support the coffee sector through this transition, the GCP Pesticides Action Group is being created. This technical action group will  work to identify, prioritize, share best practices and provide information on reducing, phasing out and eliminating damaging pesticides. It will also explore effective, feasible and financially viable alternatives to substances that must be phased out and will share results with GCP Members, Country Platforms in coffee producing countries and the broader sector. Results of this work will support farmers in the transition to less hazardous pesticides and will be used to inform global and local sustainability programs/efforts on pesticides.  

Technically experienced GCP Members are invited to contribute to this Action Group. Interested? Please send your expression of interest including CV to by 13 January 2022. Information about the GCP Pesticides Action Group is available here.

Equivalence Mechanism Revision

The Equivalence Mechanism is a GCP tool to assess equivalence of sustainability schemes (public, private and voluntary codes, standards and programs) against the GCP Coffee Sustainability Reference Code (previously known as Baseline Coffee Code) and a set of Operational Criteria (covering system implementation). Schemes that meet both the Code and the Operational Criteria are recognized as “equivalent” by GCP. The Equivalence Mechanism will be updated to reflect the changes in the newly revised Code, as well as to consider system aspects (Operational Criteria) that  reflect good practices and users’ expectations of credible schemes.

GCP invites its members and any interested stakeholders, including organizations and companies whose schemes have been recognized as equivalent to GCP or have interest in this process in the future, to provide input during the consultation phase that is planned for March-April 2022. More information about the Equivalence Mechanism revision can be found here.

Did you miss the introductory webinar? Catch up here:

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