Vietnam outlook

How Sustainable Coffee Regions could advance economic viability of coffee farming in Vietnam

It’s all systems go for the Vietnam country platform to advance the economic viability of coffee farming. Through dialogue and enhancing internal structures, the platform has prioritized support to ensure the further development of the National Sustainability Curriculum for Arabica and the roll-out of the National Sustainability Curriculum for Robusta. In addition, the platform will continue to support stakeholders towards sustainable coffee regions through measurement and application of the Farm Code System.


We convene both public and private sector actors to create a common vision on the prioritized topics and share evidences of good practices promoting sustainability which builds up solid foundation for the Sustainability Coffee Regions in 2022. We encourage GCP members and non-members as well to join our program so that together, we can drive sustainability improvement for the coffee sector.”

Pham Quang Trung, Program Manager, GCP VietnamGet involved with GCP in Vietnam via email.