Brazil talks social well-being initiative in webinar

The Brazil Country Platform, partners InPACTO and Cecafé and special guests participated in a webinar on social well-being in Brazil, highlighting the issues of forced labour and living wages in the coffee sector.

The webinar, part of a new series called Field Days which takes participants right to the issues at field level, presented a new initiative taking place that will see pre-competitive joint action between companies and organizations in tackling labour issues on coffee farms. The new Collective Active Initiative is open for co-funding.

Hosted by GCP Brazil’s Pedro Ronca, the robust discussion looked at ways that collective action could make a significant difference to the social well-being of workers and the positive effects this could have on coffee production in Brazil. The webinar also speaks to how COVID-19 guidelines are being incorporated to the social well-being initiative.

We’ve been working for more than a year to bring partners together to work in a pre-competitive way to make a difference,” explained Ronca. With more partners, Ronca said the new Collective Action Initiative’s goals were quite achievable. “We aim to achieve an 80% decrease in incidents related to forced labour, zero cases of child labour, and 100% of coffee workers earning at least the national minimum wage.” 

Guest speakers included:

  • Mércia Silva – InPACTO
  • Michelle Bhattacharyya – On-Up
  • Stephanie Daniels – Sustainable Food Lab

The webinar also invited participants to get involved in the forthcoming initiative in Brazil and explained how GCP is ready and able to drive impact at source.

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Pedro Ronca 

GCP Brazil Country Manager

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