Honduras pushes forward

Key exchanges among key Honduran coffee stakeholders has started

The Honduras Coffee Sustainability Platform is making progress on the development of a National Sustainability Curriculum. Earlier in September, the coordinating commission of the platform agreed on a path forward for the curriculum. The National Sustainability Curricula are pillars of the work of GCP’s network of National Coffee Platforms, and function not only as a guideline for best practices, but as a tool for relationship building within the coffee sector.

According to Melissa Salazar, GCP’s Program Manager – Countries, the opportunity to capitalize on the energy within Honduras’ coffee sector is now. “We’ve seen an increasing interest and drive from the coffee sector in Honduras. Since engaging directly through learning exchanges and seeing the increased need for an environment that will enable greater action on coffee sustainability.”

“We believe that the development of a National Sustainability Curriculum will bring public and private stakeholders together to propose a common agenda and an enabling environment for joint action on coffee sustainability.”

Several GCP Members from Honduras were present at GCP’s recent Membership Assembly – an indication of the brewing and increasing commitment of Honduran coffee stakeholders to a more sustainable coffee sector.

“We’re excited that stakeholders from across the public and private sectors have shown enthusiasm for the development of a National Sustainability Curriculum. Here at GCP, we are looking forward to supporting them in this journey”.

As part of its commitment to the coffee sector in Honduras, GCP is looking to appoint a Country Manager to help support growth and provide direction to the platform’s members. Interested candidates are encouraged to apply here.

Salazar said she was excited to see the richness of the efforts which the Honduras platform will bring to the global efforts for coffee sustainability.