The IPM Coalition needs your expertise to develop an App

The Integrated Pest Management Coalition has teamed up with the Sustainable Agriculture Network to lead the development of a mobile App specially designed to support a reduction of the use of highly toxic pesticides and their related risks. This project has the scientific support of the Oregon State University’s Integrated Plant Protection Center (OSU-IPPC) and combines technology and scientific knowledge to create an effective and easy-to-use tool for decision makers.

The IPM Coalition invites all technicians specialized in pesticide use to participate in a small survey to support the development of the App. Please follow the link below and dedicate 10 minutes of your time:

Take the IPM Survey
Please submit your answer before the 8th of March 8, 2018.

Led by the Global Coffee Platform, the IPM Coalition (all ISEAL Alliance Members) has built a compelling pesticide database for coffee farmers that is free and user-friendly. Developed with the support of the ISEAL Innovations Fund, offers information on pesticides, their hazardous attributes and the different restrictions set by each member of the IPM Coalition. The database is accessible by all type of users (including specialized auditors and producers), who can consult different pesticides schemes, human and environmental hazards of an active ingredient and search for alternatives for managing pests and diseases.

Check the IPM Coalition website here