Sustainable Coffee Platform launches in Honduras

The first Member Assembly of the Honduran Sustainable Coffee Platform marks a milestone in the coffee sector. The Launch of the Platform, next 1st of November, reflects the effort of local stakeholders from the private and public sector, as well as the collaboration between Rainforest Alliance, Solidaridad and the Global Coffee Platform. Nearly 30 key stakeholders will attend the first Member Assembly of the Honduran Sustainable Coffee Platform to elect its coordinating Commission, a key component of its governance mechanism, and celebrate the successful alignment of its Members.

As next steps, the Platform will work out concrete strategies and activities on prioritized topics including improving the consistency of coffee quality across the supply chain and fostering a sustainable and environmentally friendly coffee production.

The Global Coffee Platform, Rainforest Alliance and Solidaridad have been supporting the alignment of the Honduran stakeholders involved in the Platform to facilitate a consensus on a governance system. Annette Pensel, GCP Executive Director, believes in the power of local and global collaboration, which is fundamental to make the sector thrive: “we can’t improve the conditions of coffee farming families around the world with isolated efforts. In this case, we worked with Rainforest Alliance and Solidaridad on the global level and enabled local discussions with and between Honduran stakeholders. This launch is a successful case of collaboration for the greater good: the sustainability of coffee.”

GCP Members working in Honduras can join and collaborate with local organizations and cooperatives to align and scale their current and future initiatives through the Honduran Platform.

Assembling the pieces of a sustainability puzzle

The constitution of the Honduran Coffee Platform involved a long process with local private and public organizations, and even other Sustainable Coffee Platforms in Brazil and Colombia. During the past months, Honduran representatives had several exchange sessions with both Platforms’ staff to understand the best way to establish a common agenda, despite diverse stakeholders needs in each Platform.

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The Honduran Platform’s creation required the support of Rainforest Alliance’ Sector Partnership Program and Solidaridad’s Country Coffee Program, who helped gathering different stakeholders in the Honduran sector. The discussions on a strategic approach had already started last year with different meetings and workshops on sustainability-related topics. With a common perspective in mind, it was easier build trust between the local stakeholders. The exchange sessions with the Platforms in Colombia and Brazil reinforced this idea and encouraged the future Platform’s members to take one step further.

According to Guillermo Belloso, GCP Manager for Latin America: “The Honduran Platform will enable a coordinated dialog on sustainability issues with a local focus. This is key for every country, as local priorities differ from one coffee producing country to the other. We learned it from our exchange sessions with Brazil and Colombia: we can only become more productive and truly sustainable if we understand and address local needs.”

The GCSC18 will feature the Honduran example

The Global Coffee Sustainability Conference 2018, taking place in Belo Horizonte – Brazil, will dedicate a time slot in its program to talk about the success case of the Honduran Platform. If you are attending the GCSC18 be sure to take notes on the key elements that compose a Coffee Platform and the advantages that local alignment brings for investments on sustainability projects.

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