Join the GCP Member Initiative addressing agrochemicals in Brazil

The GCP has launched a new Member Initiative which addresses the responsible use of agrochemicals in Brazil and is pleased to announce that it is open for new partners who wish to scale up their investments in coffee sustainability and achieve a greater impact than working alone.

Why join a GCP Member Initiative?

GCP Collective Action Initiatives identify a specific need related to the most pressing issues in coffee production. By becoming a partner in any Member Initiative, you get direct access to a knowledge platform that gathers lessons learned and produces documented materials to contribute for future projects. This is a unique chance to enter the pre-competitive arena and be part of global action at origin on a complex issue that hasn’t been effectively addressed. Tackling this issues requires a collaborative approach and you can be part of it now!

What is it about?

The initiative covers two main impact areas: soil conservation and improvement of labor conditions. By becoming a partner in this initiative, you will contribute to improve all Coffee Sustainability Curriculum practices related to agrochemical issues at farm level with special focus on the appropriate & correct application of agrochemicals. Additionally, your contribution will promote the usage and handling of PPE (personal protective equipment) by growers and workers; this also entails the proper storage of agrochemicals, via awareness raising, training and other capacity-building activities.

Where will it take place?

The project will focus on the main Brazilian Arabica, Conilon/Robusta coffee producing states (Minas Gerais, São Paulo, Espírito Santo, Paraná and Rondônia). Even more important, the partners will select the specific regions as the initiative is planned to be developed over a period of 5 years (starting in the second semester of 2018).

Who is involved?

Jacobs Douwe Egberts (JDE) is already committed and engaged with this initiative! Although we cannot confirm other official partners just yet, it is possible to confirm that we are in dialogue with key coffee stakeholders such as OLAM, ECOM, SENAR (National Service for Rural Learning) and Sindiveg (National Union of Plant Protection Products Industry). Each of them is currently evaluating the viability of the Member Initiative and their own capacity to participate in it. As you can see, it doesn’t matter from which sector of the value chain you come, GCP celebrates your participation and will make sure that your investment translates into local action.


First, contact our GCP Brazil Program Manager Pedro Ronca: to discuss your interests or previous experiences on the topic and country as well as how you foresee your contribution to this exciting GCP Member Initiative.

If you know a partner who might be interested, share this one-pager. Spread the word!

About Collective Action Initiatives

GCP Collective Action Initiatives optimize your sustainability investments and multiply their impact through pooling resources, knowledge, and networks to collectively address the biggest issues in coffee production.

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