Innovative Member Initiatives gain momentum in Brazil

The sustainability projects led by the Global Coffee Platform Members already started to make a difference. Thanks to their potential, the Brazil Working Group is considering new ideas to step up the sustainability game in the country.

Two recent meetings left several conclusions about the amazing work led by GCP Brazil and its Members. As several coffee-related issues are addressed by the National Coffee Platform in the country, the meetings from the Brazil Working Group (BWG) and the National Advisory Board (NAB) are shaping the approach for 2019.

During the last meeting of the BWG, held on August 22 in Brasilia, the members learned about the activities in progress as well as the new GCP Value Proposition and the Platform’s institutionalization. The Collective Action Initiatives were of great interest due to their collaborative approach, their promising potential are motivating the BWG to ideate new projects and search for relevant funding. The two ongoing Collective Action Initiatives in Brazil – Weed Management and Responsible Use of Agrochemicals – are becoming an example of pre-competitive collaboration towards the sustainability of the sector.

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Simultaneously, the BWG discussed the development of the CSC App and the Internal Management System (IMS). Samara Batista (Cooabriel) shared the cooperative’s experience with both tools: “The CSC is a fantastic tool to support and guide small coffee farmers. It is also helping us to assess the real situation and showing where we must act first. The IMS is substantial in this process, since information and actions get disconnected without it.”

The meeting also had two special guests –Alberto da Silva Junior (PhD in Neuroscience) and Rafael Silva (Agronomist)–, who conducted a conversational class based on Problem-based Learning (PBL) methods. The experts showed the group how to use them as tools in collective technical assistance. Alberto and Rafael are experts in PBL trainings, with a focus on technical assistance for groups of coffee farmers.

Sharing GCP’s New Value Proposition

Last August 23rd, GCP’s Chairman Carlos Brando introduced the new GCP Value Proposition to the National Advisory Board meeting. NAB Members discussed and defined the next steps for the institutionalization of the Platform, paving the way for accessing national and international funds in the near future, strengthening the Brazilian Platform’s legal status and its sustainability.

The current Collective Action Initiatives reflect the spirit of GCP’s Value Proposition as they seek to reflect the need to collaborate in specific issues which can evolve from local action to global change. This approach will be further addressed during the Global Coffee Sustainability Conference in Belo Horizonte through an array of sessions and panels crafted to discuss key issues in the coffee industry. Experts from different countries will be attending the event to find out new trends and understand the sustainability scene for the next years.

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About GCP Collective Action Initiatives

GCP Collective Action Initiatives identify a specific need related to the most pressing issues in coffee production. By becoming a partner in any Member Initiative, you get direct access to a knowledge platform that gathers lessons learned and produces documented materials to contribute for future projects. This is a unique chance to enter the pre-competitive arena and be part of global action at origin on a complex issue that hasn’t been effectively addressed. Tackling this issues requires a collaborative approach and you can be part of it now!