Gender equity workshop seeks to raise awareness in Honduras

24 private and public stakeholders participated in a training on gender equity issues in Tegucigalpa and El Paraíso coffee region. The event was organized by Sector Partnership Program (Rainforest Alliance), in which the Global Coffee Platform was invited.

The training gathered producers, exporters, service providers, cooperatives, NGOs and university’s representatives, who had the chance to discuss the current stand of the sector in gender-related issues, as well as proposing new ideas to achieve equity in several topics within the coffee value chain.

According to Guillermo Belloso, GCP Manager Latin America: “Creating awareness regarding gender-related topics is key to Honduran sector. Projects like this one allow members to cooperate and collaborate with local organizations and cooperatives to scale up gender training and impact on the field. These initiatives also enable local stakeholders to propose gender policies to governmental authorities.”

The Honduran Sustainable Coffee Platform invites its members to scale up their projects in gender equity or other coffee-related issues through the Platform and cooperate through local implementation.

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