GCP’s IMS implementation training at largest Conilon cooperative in Brazil

A group of approximately 15 employees gathered from 24 to 26 of January in São Gabriel da Palha – also known as the national capital of Conilon– in the state of Espírito Santo, for a series of dynamic activities, including risk assessment methodologies and tools, as well as discussions and impact evaluations regarding their strategic position in the coffee sector.

Agronomical engineers, agricultural technicians, managers and directors of Cooabriel were mobilized and trained on GCP’s Internal Management System (IMS). They were instructed about the importance of managing and monitoring internal activities with a focus on the implementation of the sustainable practices in coffee production to obtain a cycle of continuous improvement. During a field visit on the last day, the attendees were able to learn from topics related to environmental, social and economic areas aligned to GCP’s Sustainability Indicators in the coffee plantations, using the CSC (Coffee Sustainability Curriculum) App as a tool for seizing information for later analysis.

Cooabriel (Coffee Producers Coop of São Gabriel da Palha) is Brazil’s largest Conilon cooperative with specialized services in warehousing, coffee trade as well as extension consultancy. This IMS implementation process is among the top goals of the GCP Brazil Program in 2018, empowering coops and companies that deliver technical assistance to small coffee farmers by strengthening GCP members and partners.

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