Debunking coffee myths in Kampala City

The Country Platform in Uganda participated in the UCDA Coffee Expo 2018, taking place in Kampala City. During two intensive days, members of the country team answered questions regarding coffee sustainability, agricultural practices and business opportunities. The 1500 attendees had also the chance to understand the benefit of consuming coffee and its importance in the country. The event also offered several opportunities to strengthen relationships with some coffee value chain players present in the fair.

Uganda produces coffee but doesn’t consume it

Uganda is one of the largest Robusta producers in Africa who does not consume much of its coffee internally. Several studies have estimated domestic consumption between 3-5%. One of the priorities in the country consist of changing the coffee culture as a means of financially boosting the internal market and players in the value chain. The importance of debunking the myths associated with coffee is key to shift the mentality of potential Ugandans who may not have enough access to unbiased facts.

About the Ugandan Platform

The Uganda Coffee Platform (UCP) was established in 2007 along with a National Steering Committee (NSC). UCP focuses on supporting and driving farm-level sustainability initiatives, developing and transferring technical expertise to farmers and advising on policy regarding coffee production and sustainability.

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