Adding “Sustainability” to the coffee equation

GCP Brazil activities focused on introducing the sustainability factor in Rondônia’s future work-plans and conducting Advance trainings that may impact 6.000 small coffee growers assisted by the cooperative Minasul in Minas Gerais.

Geographical Indication (GI) workshop in Rondônia

GCP Brazil participated in several workshops and meetings in Rondônia to highlight the importance of adding the sustainability factor in the construction of Geographical Indication (GI) Methodology in coffee farms.

Meetings and workshops about the Geographical Indication (GI) Methodology and Work Plan took place in Cacoal- Rondônia during the 1st Coffee Festival in July. The event brought together members of the Agriculture Secretariat, City Hall, Federal Institute, Technical Assistance and Rural Extension Institute of Rondonia (Emater-RO), Brazilian Coffee Exporters’ Association (CeCafé), Brazilian Agricultural Research Corporation (Embrapa), Coffee Sectorial Chamber and others.

The participation of the audience left a set of opinions, expectations, ideas and proposals related to responsibilities on the implementation of actions, considering the specific characteristics and objectives of each institution. During the event, the GI Methodology and Work Plan was also presented, discussed and validated.

GCP Brazil’s Program – represented by Eduardo Matavelli– was invited to participate in the development of the GI Plan by its relevant sustainability actions and tools being conducted in the state of Rondônia, adding the “sustainability” factor in the construction of the GI.

Some Brazilian coffee regions prioritize “quality” factor over sustainability, impacting negatively the future of coffee in the country. Particularly in the Amazon, where there is a worldwide concern regarding environmental issues, it is imperative to implement sustainability practices as a mean to protect coffee crops and the planet.

Advanced Training in CSC will potentially impact 150 municipalities in Minas Gerais

The GCP Brazil Program promoted the Advanced Training on the CSC (Coffee Sustainability Curriculum) at the cooperative Minasul, South of Minas Gerais, to start preparing the coop’s team on the use of the CSC App and Internal Management System (IMS).

Trainings in Minasul entail a huge potential to replicate and amplify sustainable practices in coffee farms, as the cooperative assists 6.000 small coffee growers and receives coffee from over 150 municipalities, from which 80% are specialty coffee.