Vietnam: A single roadmap and clear direction

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On April 11, IDH, GCP, and UNREDD+ held a workshop in Lam Dong province to discuss the implementation of UNREDD+’s Policies and Measures and sustainable landscapes in the coffee sector.

Enhanced coordination and information

UNREDD+ presented a study defining their coffee joint action plan until 2020. After the UNREDD+ presentation a new coordination plan between IDH, GCP, and UNREDD+ was discussed. The plan aims to improve the effectiveness of coffee sector interventions by setting up an information system managed by the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural Development.

The need for a single, clear direction

Other pressing issues affecting the coffee sector, including reconciling coffee farms and forests as well as poor forest management due to weak law enforcement, were also discussed.

The participants all agreed that to ensure a successful coffee sector it is important to have single plan to tackle the key issues affecting the sector and to develop a roadmap for the transformation of the sector that pays special consideration to the evolving market. This is necessary to provide clear direction in complex areas such as quality, practices, certification, sustainable landscape labels, policy and law enforcement.

The 58 participants came from both the public and private sector, including representatives from IPSARD, VCCB, Vietnam Coffee Association, the Department of Agriculture and Rural Development (DARD) from 5 highlands provinces, coffee production cooperatives, international programs and local organizations and related projects such as CIAT, Olam, Acom, Tropenbos, SNV, WASI, and ISLA.