Survey results show overwhelming demand for GCP Connect services

Almost 100 respondents from 27 different countries have given their feedback on the proposed services of GCP Connect and provided valuable input on its functionalities. We thank all respondents for their time, ideas and the overwhelming encouragement for the future development of GCP Connect!

Gcp Connect Survey 3

What is GCP Connect?

GCP Connect is a space for engagement, exchange, collaboration, and accountability within the coffee sector. As an interactive portal and the major resource hub for coffee sustainability, it is the entry point for all GCP services and a platform for users to connect, showcase and exchange information, coordinate, facilitate resources for implementation, and monitor progress and impact.

More than 80% of all respondents see extremely high or high value in GCP Connect’s projects, funding resources and tool library functionality, and more than 70% see a high or extremely high value in the collaborative work-space.

Gcp Connect Sruvey Results

Access to information is very important to most respondents. This includes information on funding possibilities, sustainability performance or market data and statistics, but also access to tools, expertise and best practices.

GCP Connect intends to be the entry point for reporting into the Global Progress Framework (GPF) and will integrate the Framework’s KPIs with other resources available on the site.

Stakeholders willing to share information

About half of the respondents indicated that they keep farm level performance data within their organization, and most of them signaled interest to share and align, at least on an aggregated level.

More than 50% of respondents showed interest in providing further input into the development of GCP Connect by registering as Beta-Testers. We will reach out to them soon, after we have refined the user experience and design in order to prepare for the official launch of the site within the first quarter of 2017.

Gcp Connect Survey Results 2