Primavera Coffee Farm wins 3rd prize at Sustainable Farm Awards in Brazil

20 / Mar / 17

The Montesanto Tavares Group have celebrated their Primavera Farm for winning 3rd prize in the Most Sustainable Farm in Brazil at the 2016 Sustainable Farm Awards. The awards were held by Globo Rural Magazine in São Paulo, and celebrate and promotion the adoption of innovative and sustainable farm practices.

Competing with 65 farms across Brazil

A total of 65 farms were nominated for the award, of which the top 10 received detailed inspections to check their methodologies and eco-friendliness. The shortlisted farms were hugely varied, with a range of crops, livestock and forests.

Primavera Farm focuses primarily on coffee, with a secondary focus on African mahogany. The coffee produced has 4C, UTZ and Rainforest Alliance certifications, which are testament to the sustainable practices on the farm, both in terms of environmental policy and in terms of providing a decent livelihood for employees.

Thiago Franco, Certifications Coordinator, Montesanto Tavares Group, said:

“This award comes as a recognition of the commitment, dedication and hard work of all the team that has donated themselves to the project. We look at the award as fuel because it indicates that we are on the right track!

We are certain that all the work we did with Verification and Certification was extremely valuable and fundamental for us to achieve our results”.

“No one become sustainable overnight”

The award was gratefully received as an indication that the efforts and work to build an exemplary sustainable farm are paying off.

Leonardo Tavares, CEO Operations Montesanto Tavares Group, said:

“It was a great surprise for us to get to the finals! We had difficulties compared to our competitors because they had an integrated cycle of management, and we were a monoculture farm, but we managed to achieve sustainable management by using much of what nature offers us.

No one becomes sustainable overnight. It’s very difficult, it takes time and you have to have a lot of discipline.”

Two members of the group, Montesanto Tavares’ Group, Atlantica Coffee and Cafebras, are currently Global Coffee Platform Members, working with national and international partners to build a more sustainable coffee sector as a whole.

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