Indonesia: Building access to finance and a collaboration with the Ministry of Agriculture


Access to Finance in Indonesia

Access to Finance is a priority area for the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) in Indonesia for 2017, because it is crucial to building more profitable and resilient farming communities. Farmers from PT. Asal Jaya (a GCP member) have been selected to participate in a new project to extend access to finance.

4 SABC (sustainable agribusiness cluster), which is registered by law as a farmer organization and has 3,400 farmers, was chosen to proceed with access to finance activity, including:

  • capacity building
  • strengthening farmers’ organizations
  • finance management
  • supply chain businesses
  • increasing access to fertilizers

GCP Indonesia has introduce this SABC to several finance institutions, and Rabobank Foundation were particularly interested in helping to provide finance to meet farmers’ needs. GCP Indonesia will continue to support SABC with a proposal and finance report for the last 3 year, which is a pre-requisite of Rabobank.

Ws Nat Competency Standard

Further alignment program with Indonesian Ministry of Agriculture

The National Sustainability Curriculum for Robusta was launched in June 2016. As a positive response to the NSC, the Indonesian government has invited GCP Indonesia and SCOPI (the Indonesian Country Platform) to get involved in the development of national competency standard for “sustainable coffee cultivation”. GCP Indonesia and SCOPI will help to lead the project and be members the framers team who will formulate the standard.

This national standard will help GCP Indonesia, SCOPI and the Ministry of Agriculture to develop a National Sustainability Curriculum for Arabica.

In total 3 workshops for the national competency standard for “sustainable coffee cultivation” will take place, with the final workshop scheduled for the end of this month.