Improving the operation of small traders in Vietnam

On July 26th, 2017, a workshop on improving the operation of small traders in Vietnam was organized in Da Lat city, with the financial support of IDH and the Global Coffee Platform.

Challenges and opportunities

The workshop confirmed the vital role of small traders to the Vietnamese coffee sector and offered a good chance for dialogue with the Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board and to build support for improvements.

Many suggestions and challenges were raised by the participants, including the issues of legalizing small traders, developing favorable policies and mechanisms for farmers to access to finance, releasing the standard for certification and providing further technical support for farmers and traders during the process of adopting sustainable practices.

Increasing the voice of small traders

To increase the voice of small traders, they were strongly encouraged to become VCCB and GCP’s members so that they will be officially recognized in the chain, and can have practical recommendations for sector development. In the workshop, the VCCB showed their strong commitment in supporting the small traders to bring the most urgent issues to Ministry of Agricultural and Rural development and advocate for favorable policies.

The workshop was chaired by Mr. Do Anh Tuan and Mr. Le Van Duc – Vice Chairman of Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board (VCCB), with the participation of the Department of Cooperatives & Rural Development, Department of Agricultural & Rural Development in Lam Dong province, and other 70 participants from both public and private sector.

GCP Member Meeting

A meeting with GCP’s members and potential members in Vietnam was organized on July 26th, engaging the Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board and other public public bodies and private companies.

Increasing maturity and convening role

The meeting aimed to share the benefits GCP brings to its members, an overview of the progress GCP achieved in Vietnam in 2017, a guide to GCP communication tools, and the priority areas and direction GCP will take in 2018.

During the meeting, participants positively recognised what GCP has achieved in 2017, especially with the increasing maturity and convening role of the national platform, particularly in connecting the private sector with pubic sector and other development programmes, including VnSat.

Priorities for 2018

The meeting also suggested that in 2018 GCP focuses on its convening role to support:

  • empowering the VCCB
  • agrochemical management
  • information and access to finance
  • supporting building small traders’ efficiency in the coffee value chain.