GCP Annual Report 2016 Now Available

01 / Aug / 17

The GCP Annual Report for 2016 has now been published and is available to download online.

The launch year of GCP

GCP was launched in March 2016, designed to create alignment across the coffee sector and to tackle the most critical issues by facilitating dialogue and collective action between public and private sector actors.

The Annual Report summarises key milestones, activities and financial data (including how you membership fee gets spent) for 2016, as well as explaining how this year’s successes provide a strong platform for the future.

Key milestones

  • Global: Using the Sustainable Development Goals to identify Country Platforms’ priorities and using this to develop the GCP Country Plans for 2017. The process was highly participatory and the chosen priorities support the goals and activities of GCP members.
  • Global: Publishing the Coffee Sustainability Catalogue to provide a global review of work being done to make coffee sustainable, in collaboration with IDH Sustainable Trade Initiative, Specialty Coffee Association of America and the Sustainable Coffee Challenge.
  • Brazil: Training 1,300 technicians in how to deliver training on the National Sustainability Curriculum. These technicians have the potential to reach over 80,000 producers, and the training involved 62 partners including extension services, coops, associations, traders, companies, educational centres.
  • Indonesia: Launching the National Sustainability Curricula (NSC) for Robusta coffee in May.
  • Uganda: Producing harmonised coffee extension materials, including animations, YouTube videos and DVDs to enhance accessibility.
  • Tanzania: Launching the National Sustainability Curriculum (NSC) in all 8 coffee production zones and institutionalizing it into the national extension delivery system.
  • Vietnam: Establishing working groups focusing on water and agroforestry to build an aligned approach among stakeholders.
  • Peru & Honduras: Facilitating workshops and discussions with key stakeholders to build the Country Plans for 2017, discuss the main sustainability challenges and identify the most relevant Sustainable Development Goals and Vision 2020 issues.

Building success for the future

This year’s activities and successes provide a strong platform for the future, particularly engaging and working with members, building cooperation and strategic partnerships across the coffee sector.

As a membership organisation, we put our members’ goals and priorities at the centre of our mission. For the 2017 annual planning process, members have been invited to indicate their preferences regarding where a certain portion of their membership fee is spent.

We thank our members for the continued support and active contributions and are looking forward to working together in 2017!

Download the report now: