The workshop “Climate Smart Agriculture” took place this December in Hamburg, Germany. The training enabled participants from different coffee related organizations to take their first steps to develop a strategy at company level and address climate change more effectively.

The event was organized by the Global Coffee Platform in alliance with Greenline Consulting and Coffee & Climate. During the workshop, relevant climate terminology was introduced, showing what hazards climate change has on coffee trees and the best way to develop a strategy at company level.

Michael Opitz and Stine Albrecht from the Coffee & Climate initiative introduced the tool box of field-tested adaption practices at farm level. All learning components were accompanied by group work, turning theoretical knowledge into concrete actions.

Climate change poses a serious threat to coffee. Although coffee ‘needs stress’ to flourish, climate change may cause too much stress to coffee trees and endanger they existence.

The Collective Action Network Climate Smart Agriculture will resume its work early next year. Be ready for more learning opportunities that will enable you to take action. If you think you, your colleagues, or your company would be interested in a similar workshop, please get in touch.