Contribute to an Engagement Guide about Gender Equity for the Coffee Sector

You are invited to participate:

Webinar on 30 May

The Partnership for Gender Equity is developing an Engagement Guide about gender equity for the coffee value chain. The Guide will provide tools for industry actors to engage in the conversation about gender equity and identify step-by-step actions to support gender equity in their own organizations and with supply chain partners. Industry actors are invited to collaborate with PGE on this activity to ensure the Guide aligns with industry needs and interests.

The development of the Engagement Guide consists of reviewing literature, interviewing industry stakeholders, and reviewing projects that support gender equity in the coffee value chain or analogous value chains.

The Engagement Guide is made possible with funding from the Global Coffee Platform and is being developed as part of the GCP Collective Action Network ‘Gender & Youth’.

  • Share your company’s experience in supporting gender equity. We are looking for examples of how companies are addressing gender inequities and targeting women in relation to coffee industry goals related to increasing yields, ensuring continuity of supply, and improving quality. Showcase your company’s experience in supporting gender equity in the Engagement Guide and share with others your learnings. We encourage you to fill out this online form by June 15.
  • Submit your CV to be considered for the Technical Advisory Group (TAG). The TAG will consist of 4-6 individuals to review the draft Engagement Guide in August 2017. You must be willing to provide written comments and participate in a phone call with the rest of the Technical Advisory Group. Interested applicants should submit their CV by June 15, 2017 for consideration.

The expected release for the Engagement Guide is October 2017 and will be made available in GCP Connect.

If you would like to find out more about the topic and participate, join the webinar ‘Gender Equity in the coffee sector: learn about new tools and how to get involved’on 30 May at 15:00 CET. The webinar will introduce the work of the Partnership of Gender Equity under the Collective Action Network Gender & Youth.

We thank you in advance for your time and contribution to this process. Please contact Kimberly Easson ( or Caroline Glowka ( to learn more about this activity.