Vision2020 Consultation workshop in Vietnam

01 / Aug / 16

Written by the Vietnam Coffee Coordinating Board.

The International Coffee Organization (ICO) and the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) are working together in further developing and engaging key stakeholders on a collective vision and agenda for real sustainability of the coffee sector: Vision2020.

In this context, several workshops around Vision2020 are currently being delivered in collaboration with public-private National Coffee Platforms / Advisory Boards / Roundtables on coffee sustainability. Public and private coffee stakeholders will take part in these consultation processes in several key coffee producing countries during June & July 2016. In order to create a platform for exchanging and discussing ideas, targets, and priorities for Vietnam’s coffee sector by 2020, GCP and ICO cooperated with the Vietnam Coffee Coordination Board to organize the “Vietnam Coffee Sector Vision 2020 Consultation Workshop”.

Luu Van Hoang, Regional Manager (Vietnam), presents the GCP.
Luu Van Hoang, Regional Manager (Vietnam), presents the GCP.

The input by national coffee platforms and additional stakeholders in your countries will be key to achieve several goals, including:

  • Further articulate Vision2020 goals and targets from a farmer centric point of view at national level in line with your coffee (sustainability) strategies until 2020,
  • Further articulate Vision2020 goals and targets at the global (aggregated) level based on the valuable input from National Platforms & stakeholders perspective.
  • Revise the Vision2020 priority areas and adapt based on input received. This will help reconfirm or adjust the priority areas for the Global Coffee Platform and its related activities and investments.
  • Enable participatory discussions and gather input on priorities amongst the coffee relevant United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SGDs) from the perspective of the National Platforms / national stakeholders in several countries.
  • Provide input to a Theory of Change for Vision2020 as well as for the Global Coffee Platform. This will help sharpening the goals/outcomes for the GCP as one vehicle for making the vision a reality, step by step and in collaboration with others
  • Feed into the development of the Global Progress Framework to measure progress against the Vision2020.
  • Translate the national and strategic priorities of Vision2020 into country plans which will be proposed to GCP and its members for co-funding support, as of 2017.
  • Engage with public and private stakeholders, including current GCP Members, on meaningful dialogue and show how their voice will influence agenda setting.
Board Member, Le Duc Huy, addresses participants.

Board Member, Le Duc Huy, addresses participants.

Up to 70 representatives of GCP Members and partners -including coffee farmers, traders, roasters, retailers, civil society organizations, research institutes, local authorities and Vietnam Government- met on the 21st July 2016 in Daklak, Vietnam, to share their view and comments on the vision of the Vietnam’s coffee sector by 2020.

The workshop received strong endorsement from the Ministry of Agriculture and Rural and Development and was jointly organized by the Global Coffee Platform (GCP) and the Vietnam Coffee Coordinating Board (VCCB).

Following the workshop, all comments and contributions of all stakeholders will be shared with the GCP to refine Vision2020 and make it more tangible by setting collective sector goals and targets for year 2020.

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