SCOPI at the Trade Expo Indonesia 2016

14 / Oct / 16

On 12th-16th October 2016 the Sustainable Coffee Platform of Indonesia (SCOPI) and the Indonesian Coffee Exporter Union (GAEKI) led and organise several sessions during the Trade Expo Indonesia 2016.


@tradexpoind. Press conference on Trade Expo Indonesia 2016.

Trade Expo Indonesia is organised annually by the Directorate General National Export Development (DGNED) Ministry of Trade of Republic of Indonesia and combines regional discussions with business matching and a trade and investment forum. The President of Indonesia, Joko Widodo, will lead the opening ceremony, which takes place in Jakarta International Expo (JIE) , Kemayoran, Jakarta.

Several seminars by SCOPI Task Forces have already taken place throughout the Trade Expo Indonesia, and some will be presented between 15-16 October, including the ‘Road to Development of National Curriculum Sustainable Arabica Coffee’. The session ‘Consultation Workshop on Development of National Curriculum and Training Module on Good Agriculture Practices-GAP and Post-Harvest for Sustainable Arabica Coffee’ will be led by Roberio Silva, Executive Director of the International Coffee Organization (ICO). Silva will also present the National Sustainability Curricula in relation to the global market review and will address the future supply and demand condition and the role of Indonesia as a key global coffee supplier.

SCOPI is also taking part in different activities and sessions,including signing MoU with several district governments on farmers training use NSC; Farmer Business Relationship; and Effective Farmers Organization.

Ministry of State Own Enterpreses Visit SCOPI (Mrs Rini Soemarno)

Ministry of State Own Enterpreses Visit SCOPI (Mrs Rini Soemarno)

Mrs. Rini Soemarno with SCOPI members

Mrs. Rini Soemarno with SCOPI members

Workshops on Access to Finance

During the Access to Finance workshop Paul Rendo (vice chairman of GI Cooperative of Bajawa-Flores, East Nusa Tenggara Province) stated that farmers, as coffee producers, are in need of substantive economic support that is not achieved. “Banks have limited trust on investment cooperation with smallholders. Farmers need alternatives get support on investment risk-sharing, as they are currently simply not able to take 100% of the investment risks”, Rendo added.

Dr.Ir., Dwi Rachmina, and M.Si (IPB University Researcher) presented a model of NESTLE-RABO Bank Foundations-YARA and the Sustainable Trade Initiative (IDH), which provides more accessible loans for smallholders. Following this scheme, groups of farmers have started to get organised under the KUB-Kelompok Usaha Bersama management, which enables them access to training and coaching on finance/accounting system.

While Mr. Paul Rompe (Director of BRI Jakarta unit) highlighted the importance of trust between customers and banks, as well as the need to link capacity building in this field with smallholders.