Managing Global Governance (MGG) Academy is about to start!

The Managing Global Governance (MGG) Academy is on its 14th round with a new group of young enthusiastic professionals joining us from six emerging countries – Brazil, China, India, Mexico, South Africa, Indonesia – and from Germany. The chosen candidates from important government institutions, research organizations and think tanks come together for 3,5 months to address a broad range of ‘global governance‘ issues and analyse ways in which pressing global challenges can be addressed.

MGG Global Village in 2015

MGG Global Village in 2015

As a welcome event for the participants of the MGG Academy 2016, the MGG Global Village serves as an informal platform to meet MGG partners and friends as well as colleagues from the German Development Institute.

Participants have the opportunity to present their countries in the form of stalls and to network and socialise over food and drinks. The informative dialogue and mutual exchange is a perfect opening for the thematic focus on global governance and integration. As the saying goes, by learning about people from other cultures, we start becoming more aware of our own culture. In this way the global village serves as a colourful introduction to the start of the MGG Academy 2016.