Coffee Sustainability Curriculum Training in Brazil

15 / Dec / 16

It has been another busy few weeks in Brazil, with many different training activities to share and cascade knowledge throughout the sector and country. Some of the highlights include:

Advanced Training on the Coffee Sustainability Curriculum

An advanced stage of the Train the Trainers project took place in Matas of Minas (Manhuaçu). The course deepens concepts and approaches related to the Fundamental Items of the Coffee Sustainability Curriculum and includes one day of activity in the classroom and another in the field.

The advanced training is designed for technicians who have already trained in the Coffee Sustainability Curriculum, in order to ensure the continuous improvement and knowledge increase. December Bahia Training

Technicians from Cooperbio and students from Federal Institute in Bahia.

First Coffee Sustainability Curriculum in Bahia

Training on Coffee Sustainability Curriculum (CSC) took place for the first time in Bahia, which is the fourth biggest coffee producing state in Brazil. The training was hosted at University of Southwest of Bahia (UESB), in Vitoria da Conquista, and at COOPERBIO coop together with Federal Institute (IF) in Piatã, Bahia.

At UESB the training was part of the postgraduate course in Management of the Coffee Production Chain with Emphasis on Sustainability, with the participation of agronomists and economists from the region.

Digital Coffee Farm Program brings knowledge to smallholders

By the end of December, more than 1,500 coffee growers across Brazil will have participated in the Digital Coffee Farm Program. The program combines teaching computer skills and sustainable practices. This helps growers become more aware of how to preserve of the environment, improve farm management, increase coffee production and their quality of life.