4C Association successfully passes independent evaluation for ISEAL Impacts Code compliance


As the owner of a credible sustainability standard system, the 4C Association implements a variety of measures in order to operate effectively and to deliver on our social, economic, and environmental goals. In line with this, the 4C Association is pleased to have successfully complied with the ISEAL Code of Good Practice for Assessing the Impacts of Social and Environmental Standards (Impacts Code).

By having developed a Theory of Change, began systematic on-going monitoring with short and medium term outcome indicators, undergone the first periodic outcome and impact evaluation, and provided internal learning and improvement opportunities, the 4C Association is now in a better position to understand the effectiveness of our entry-level standard and define how we can influence, monitor, and evaluate change over time.

The 4C Association will continue its commitment to improving its Monitoring & Evaluation system in order to increase the effectiveness and efficiency of sustainability standards. To gain a closer insight into how the 4C Association is contributing to a better coffee world, please view our recent publication A Snapshot from the Field: Five Countries over five years.

For more information about compliance with the ISEAL Impacts Code, click here.